Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the colored gems in our jewelry is synthetic or man-made, including pieces containing spinel. Other stones are colored glass.

All the pearls in our jewelry are natural freshwater pearls from Zhuji, Zhejiang, the world's largest freshwater pearl production.

You don't need an account to place an order, you can order as a guest. Although there are advantages of opening an account such as editing or cancelling your order, checking your order status and history. Signing up for an account is super easy and won't take much time at all.

Yes we do. Please see our - Returns & Refunds Policy 

We source our products from around the world so therefore shipping times may vary. Generally your order will take approximately 2-3 weeks, also allowing for 1-5 days for processing. Due to Covid-19, some orders may take a little longer to be processed and shipped. So please be patient and allow an extra 1-2 weeks for delivery during this strange time. The lead up to Christmas will also cause possible delays so we therefore are unable to guarantee an exact delivery time for your order. Please visit our Shipping Policy page for more information please see our Shipping Policy .

925 sterling silver is an alloy made from 92.5% silver - hence 925 - and 7.5% alloy. Alloys can include zinc, copper or nickel. Adding other metals to silver increases the hardness which makes it more durable for use in jewelry. Please be aware metals that contain less than 92.5% silver are not sterling silver.

K9 crystal is an optical borosilicate crown glass. It is relatively lighter and higher quality compared to other glass crystals. K9 crystal offers a high refractive index.

This is a Certificate of Gem Identification from the Guangdong Jewelry Test Centre.

This certificate is from the National Gem Testing Centre, China's foremost authority in testing and inspection of gems and jewelry.

Nano crystal is a new synthetic stone which can withstand high temperatures up to 1750C. Nano stones are only available in several colors - black, blue, aquamarine, green, yellow and pink.